Bullion Exchanges recently made a special arrangement with PAMP Suisse. We will be the first retailer on the bullion market to offer the exquisite 1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar. (.999 Fine).

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is one of the most expensive and valuable precious metals. It can cost ten times as much as gold or even more. Rhodium is generally not seen as a practical material. This is because it’s challenging to “make it work” properly for bullion craftsmanship.

However, rhodium is fabulous metal for ingots mintage. This is because of its bright, glittering, white, and mirror-like characteristics. Rhodium has the highest reflectance among precious metals.

William Hyde Wollaston came to discover this rare metal in 1803. He was an English chemist. He isolated rhodium from a sample of platinum found in South America. For this reason, rhodium classifies as a member of the platinum group of metals. (These are ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium).

Most rhodium to sell in the United States makes alloys. This silvery-white transition metal can enhance the appearance and longevity of any metal to which it was applied.


PAMP bars always sell out on the first release days. This is because this brand is recognizable. It is a leading independent refinery. Traders and investors all across the globe know it by name.

Accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau, PAMP Suisse bars are individually registered and sealed in Assay holders. Assay guarantees the fineness and content of the product. PAMP bars come from Switzerland since 1979. They are the most highly sought ingots on the precious metals market.

1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar

This bar mints using the highest Swiss engineering skills.

Additionally, manufacturers use the latest technologies. This bar has a fantastic design and rare metal content. High-profile investors demand and collect this bar.

Along with other PAMP bars, this rhodium ingot houses an Assay card. This certifies its .999 Fine purity, the weight of 1 troy ounce, and high quality. PAMP Suisse’s technological advances and bar design set them apart from the other bars in the industry.

The PAMP Suisse bars feature the image of Lady Fortuna. Lady Fortuna is a Roman goddess who brings people good luck and fortune. She is a timeless symbol of luck, chance, and fate. Lady Fortuna had a crucial part in the Roman religion. She usually displays holding a cornucopia from which all good things are coming. Yet also blind, which means good luck does not always reach those who seem to deserve it.

Bullion Exchanges

This gorgeous 1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar will be appreciated by investors and collectors for the excellent quality, rareness, and stunning design.

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  1. do you buy back rhodium? if so, how close to the current spot price do you offer?

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