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The Market Review. U.S. stocks on Monday are opening higher with the S&P 500 2811.31 (+0.05%) and NASDAQ Index 7,346.58 (+0.14%), Dow Jones Industrial Average 26,037.13 (-0.14%). Wall Street Indexes are opening higher on Friday but investors are still concerned that the shutdown of the U.S. Government does not have a definitive end date and could extend into the near future.

Bitcoin is lower today also, trading at $10,690 today, marking a lowering trend following last week’s dip.

Economic data for today: Chicago Fed national activity index.

Gold Price decreased to $1,333.60 (+0.52%) per ounce, Silver Price: $17.07 (-0.17%), Platinum Price: $1021.40 (+0.34%), Palladium Price: $1095.15 (+0.36%).

U.S. Dollar vs Precious metals

The U.S. Dollar Index is trading lower today as the U.S. Government enters its third day of the shutdown. The gold price is hovering around the $1333 mark as the dollar is slightly lower. Silver and platinum prices are a toss-up as silver is slightly lower but platinum is trading higher, the price of palladium increased in early trading.



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