The Gold Price increased to $1,335.80 (+0.52%) per ounce, the Silver Price: $17.10 (+0.41%), Platinum Price: $1017.90 (+1.29%), Palladium Price: $1111.40 (+0.36%).

United States (U.S.) Dollar vs Precious Metals

U.S. Dollar Index is trading higher today as the demand for the greenback is rising due to the optimism that the U.S. Government will avoid a shutdown. The gold price is hovering around the $1335 mark as the dollar is going higher. Gold is increasing by a decreasing interest in cryptocurrencies. Silver and platinum prices are also trading higher, the price of palladium increased in early trading.

Stock Market Today

U.S. stocks on Friday are opening higher with the S&P 500 2804.84 (+0.25%) and NASDAQ Index 7,319.74 (+0.32%), Dow Jones Industrial Average 26,021.13 (-0.02%). 

Wall Street Indexes are opening higher on Friday but investors are worried that a shutdown of the U.S. Government looms in the near future. In politics, Congress is fighting with President Donald Trump to keep the U.S. Government open as he refuses to sign a spending bill that would provision a budget for a border wall with Mexico.

Bitcoin is holding at $11,750 today, following Tuesday’s precipitous fall. Investors are hoping that the world’s first cryptocurrency will rally, but what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Economic data for today: Consumer Sentiment

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