Gold and silver are continuing their slow creep upwards, with gold bumping up to $1336.90 and silver up by $0.01. Platinum and palladium are also staying on the same route, both suffering mild drops yesterday, although palladium’s fall of 1.45% was less so.

At the time of writing, these are the prices:

Percentage Change

Price of Gold


+ 0.1048 %

Price of Silver


+ 0.0596 %

Price of Platinum


– 0.2906%

Price of Palladium $1,021.45

– 1.4615%


U.S. stocks are continuing to scare investors around the world with their third day of massive losses, causing a world market decline. Dow futures opened the day with a fall of approximately 540 points. The Cboe Volatility Index, an index that is often looked at to determine the fear on Wall Street, surged to 49.21. For now, the question on many people’s minds is how the FED will respond to this third day of decline.

From the White House, the response to this stock market action was one of disinterest, with the official statement highlighting the President’s focus on long-term economic fundamentals rather than the market and its volatility.

Bitcoin is continuing its decline, falling all the way down to $6300 yesterday. Experts are saying that the bubble has officially burst and noted economist Nouriel Roubini stated that he fully expects the infamous form of cryptocurrency to hit zero before much longer. Part of his reasoning for this is the U.S. hearing on crypto scams happening tomorrow. Bitcoin has had a history of sharp declines following news of any government regulations or policies.


As the stock market reels from the drops of the past few days and enters what seems to be a correction zone, gold did trade higher by just a bit, as some turn away from the volatility of the stock market to the safe haven of precious metals. The ICE Dollar Index also moved up by 0.1%.

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