The Newest Queen’s Beast Release: Black Bull of Clarence

Two years ago the numismatic world received the gift of an incredible new series. The first release was the Lion of England. The next release later that year was the Griffin of Edward III. These coins immediately garnered high demand and worldwide popularity. They have intricately designed images, high-quality purity, and a deep connection to the royal ancestry of England.

The Powerful Black Bull of Clarence

For centuries, the Black Bull has been a symbol of strength, virility, and honor. An ancestor of Edward IV, Lionel Duke of Clarence, brought this powerful beast into the family heraldry. It became a sign of support for England during the rule of Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III.

King Henry VIII’s garden at Hampton Court Palace inspired the beasts used to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II . After acquiring the incredible home, the king commissioned ten heraldic beasts to line the bridge over the moat. He chose beasts to represent the ancestors of himself and those of his wife at the time, Jane Seymour. These beasts included the Black Bull of Clarence, as Edward IV was his maternal grandfather.

Drawing from this history, on an early summer day in 1953, ten heraldic beasts welcomed Elizabeth II into Westminster Abbey for her coronation. James Woodford was commissioned in their creation. He created ten beasts that connected to her history and ancestry while still drawing upon the originals. Standing at a height of six feet and weighing at 700 pounds, these incredible sculptures now reside in the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec.

Among the World’s Most Beloved Series

This latest coin in the Queen’s Beasts series is available to you in gold in one ounce and quarter ounce sizes. Additionally, it comes in a two-ounce silver size. The gold coins carry a £25 (GBP) face value and £100 face value, respectively. The silver version is £5. All three coins are crafted of a stunning 999.9 purity.

black bull of clarence gold

The obverse shows the powerful Black Bull reared back on his two hind legs. His tail is whipping. One hoof holds a shield depicting the Coat of Arms of England. The reverse shows the fifth and most recent portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. This is a Jody Clark design.  

black bull of clarence silver coin

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