The best way to ensure that you are getting the best coins and medals is to have them graded. Two top professional grading companies are NGC and PCGS. So, it’s never been easier to make sure that your coins and medals receive a professional coin grade. Further, grading companies encase the coins in protective plastic slabs that will ensure the value and authenticity of these products for many years to come. Get the latest Korean Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang and Tiger medals today!

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright

As we reported back in March, KOMSCO released the highly anticipated silver Chiwoo Cheonwange and Korean Tiger medals. These two icons are synonymous with the Korean Peninsula. They are deeply rooted in the Korean culture and lore. The tiger appears to have first been tied to Korea since a Dangun legend. The legend spoke of the founding of the kingdom of Korea. In the myth, a tiger and a bear wished to become human beings. The bear ate mugwort and garlic for 100 days. And, this turned her into a woman. The tiger, on the other hand, did not withstand such an ordeal and ran off. Tigers have continued to be a popular presence in Korean culture. It was the official mascot of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

Chiwoo Cheonwang was a tribal leader and a significant figure in Chinese and Korean history.

Chiwoo is a legendary figure and his accomplishments great. Although he was a historical figure, as time passed, his legend grew. Grew to the point where he had acquired magical powers and accomplished impossible feats. He had even developed into deity as the “God of War.”

Chiwoo Cheonwang and korean tiger coins

Professionally Graded

Today, enthusiasts celebrate the Korean Tiger and Chiwoo Cheonwang on silver medals. These are not coins. However, these bullion medals are .999 fine silver. The latest Chiwoo design features an intricately designed medal. It has exceptional detailing of Chiwoo riding atop a galloping horse, with his mighty sword held in his right hand. Chiwoo appears in finely designed armor and a helmet with horns. The design on his shoulder plates displays the image of a roof tile from the Silla Dynasty. It shows the face of Do ggae bi, a mythical creature entrusted to protect humans from evil spirits. The Korean tiger appears to prowl through stalks of bamboo on the Korean Tiger Medal.

These medals have been professionally graded by PCGS with grades of MS69 and MS70 respectively. They have also been given the special designation of “First Strike.” First strike means they were one of the first 1000 medals to be struck during the 2018 production run. The medals appear in plastic protective slabs that contain all of the necessary information. It verifies the authenticity of these medals as well as retaining the future value of these silver rounds for years to come.

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