Weekly Market Analysis

Silver Update

Silver fell by $0.19 cents or 1.3% to close at $14.79 as of the final trade on the New York COMEX on Friday afternoon. Amidst gold’s 0.5% gain, the gold to silver ratio rose by 1.8% to 87.0 ounces of silver required to purchase one ounce of gold by the […]

Is the Fed Losing Credibility?

The Fed Reserve appears to be on the edge of a credibility problem: the market does not believe the central bank’s official forecast for interest rate policy. For reference, the current Fed-controlled short-term interest rate is set at a range between 2.25% – 2.50%. Below we show the Fed “Dot […]

Gold Price: Gold Breaks Support

Gold Breaks Support – Silver Holds On the heels of an advancing US dollar and a stock market which is challenging all-time highs, gold fell $19 or 1.5% this week. Broke the “neckline” support level at $1,283 (black) of the head & shoulders pattern (blue callouts) in the expectation we […]