Week In Review

Precious Metals Prices & FED

Bullion investors were pleased this morning to see their holdings appreciate in value. The spot price of gold climbed back up above $1300 per ounce while silver bounced back up above $17 as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and indicated that there would be further interest rate hikes in […]

Precious Metals Prices vs Economy

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, precious metals prices have declined. Notably, gold and silver have been on a downturn. Many factors may attribute to the falling prices of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Primarily, many different economic and political factors impact precious metals pricing.  For example, the […]

Precious Metals & Trade War

Platinum and Palladium Platinum, on the other hand, started high and dipped its way up and down before settling lower. All told, it experienced a 1.886% decrease over the course of the week. For palladium, the story was similar, with it starting Monday morning at $1001.75 and this morning at […]

Spot Prices Are Down

*** While the spot price of gold enjoyed a relatively stable week, the spot price of platinum and palladium underwent major swings on Wednesday, climbing up before experiencing huge decreases on Thursday, and both able to regain some ground late Thursday evening and early this morning. Silver spot price changes were once again […]