PAMP Veriscan App

The revolutionary PAMP VERISCAN system is a breakthrough technology in the precious metals industry that instantly authenticates any genuine PAMP gold products and Royal Australian Mint gold products bearing the PAMP VERISCAN™ logo. Hence, the app is highly efficient and simple to use, allowing to reduce the risk of counterfeit precious metals […]

First Public Appearance Since 1890

Newman’s Unique 1792 Washington President Gold Eagle Certified by NGC An extremely rare, one-of-a-kind gold coin made its first public, pre-auction showing since 1890, when Heritage Auctions put it on display June 14 at the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo in California. The coin, a 1792 Washington President Gold […]

PAMP Suisse Custom Minting

Bullion Exchanges is proud to present you with PAMP Suisse Custom Minting Services. This signature new service from PAMP grants customers the ability to create unique custom designed products. PAMP Suisse is known for its highly-valued Fortuna Bars and In-Assay products. Also every year, they regularly come out with signature […]