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Perth Mint Releases

Australia’s renowned Perth Mint will release in November. It will feature five new exceptional coins. Let’s talk about the new Perth Mint Releases today! Perth Mint Releases (For November) 1. 2016 ½ oz. Lynx Cubs Silver Proof Coin 2. 2017 ½ oz. Baby Rooster Silver Proof Coin 3. 2017 1 […]

Perth Mint New Coin Releases

Perth Mint New Coin Releases

Perth Mint new coin releases will be available starting on September 6, 2016 Perth Mint plans to release several new coins from its most excellent series: the brand-new Silver Kangaroo Four-Coin Set; the Star Trek Silver Delta Shaped Coin; the Lunar Rooster Gold & Silver Proof Coins; and the White […]

JM sold Gold & Silver Refining Business to Asahi

Johnson Matthey and Asahi Johnson Matthey, a worldwide pioneer in sustainable technologies, sold its Gold and Silver Refining business to Asahi Holdings, Inc. So, this finishes the exchange which initially declared on fifteenth December 2014. Remarking on the exchange, Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive of Matthey had a statement. “The divestment […]