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Silver coins have grown in popularity during the last couple of years. Investors and collectors look to the precious metal as not only a valuable asset but also a beautiful work of art. Silver comes in a variety of forms, the most popular being in the form of coins and bars. One niche has arisen for those collectors that are looking to add a unique flair to their collections: Colorized silver coins. Colorized Silver coins provide collectors a combination of owning a precious metal and the added touch of artistic, colorful designs. Let us walk you through the ins and outs of what colorized silver coins have to offer!

What is a Colorized Silver Coin?

Colorized silver coins are originally minted as bullion and colorized after, or as exclusive coins specifically for collectors. Some colorized silver coins can be minted through companies that specialize in making unique coins exclusively for colorized coin collectors. In regards to bullion coins from major mints – they are struck as usual and then painted with lacquer. Colorized bullion coins still feature the same design as the original issues, which would not change except for the added color details. 

How are Colorized Coins Minted?

Colorized coins go through a delicate process usually conducted by the mint of production, although third-party entities are known to paint coins from other mints as well. These coins are usually colorized with enamel or holographic finish. When color is added by a third party, it usually complements the existing theme of the design. For example, the American Eagle silver colorized coin features red, white, and blue – the colors of the American Flag.

The colorization of coins does not damage the coins if done correctly, nor does it change the intrinsic metal value of the coin. Adding colored lacquer to any coin is done to increase interest in coin collecting and to make displays more attractive.

Examples of Colorized Silver Coins

There are many buying options when it comes to colorized silver coins. You can purchase either colored bullion coins, like the American Eagle shown first in the upcoming list, or limited-edition exclusive coins featured below the Eagle coin. 

American Silver Eagles

  • American Silver Eagles: The Walking Liberty design comes alive in beautiful vivid colors. High-quality technics were used when applying color to this unique coin. As a result, these colored American Eagles surely stand out in your coin collection.

Colorized coin

Pepsi Bottle Cap Proof Silver Coins

  • Pepsi Bottle Cap Proof Silver Coins: This superb soda cap coin weighs 6 grams and contains .999 fine silver. The coin arrives with an eye-catching colorized finish on the reverse side and a Proof finish on the obverse. While bearing a face value of 500 Francs, the Pepsi Bottle Cap Coin is worth more as an exciting collectible.

Pepsi Bottle Cap

2021 Solomon Islands 1 oz Bison – Spirit Animals Colorized Silver Coin

  • 2021 Solomon Islands 1 oz Bison – Spirit Animals Colorized Silver Coin: This is the third and final release in the Spirit Animals coin series struck by PAMP Suisse. Phil Lewis inspired the design of this coin. This beautiful Bison coin contains 1 troy oz of .9999 silver. It arrives fully colorized on the reverse to showcase Lewis’ original Bison illustration. Each of these brilliant bovine coins is individually serialized for additional security and comes encapsulated inside an artistic outer shipper. Only 2,500 total were minted.


2022 1 Kilo Silver Hunters by Night – Eagle Owl Palau Coin .999 Fine (w/Box & COA)

  • 2022 1 Kilo Silver Hunters by Night – Eagle Owl Palau Coin .999 Fine (w/Box & COA): This is the second release of the wildly popular “Hunters by Night” series, this time paying tribute to the Eurasian Eagle Owl. Through the use of enhanced smartminting® technology, CIT brings the Eagle Owl to life in striking high relief. The Obsidian Black finish for the eyes boosts the already breathtaking aesthetic of the coin’s design. CIT minted only 99 coins.

Colored Silver Coin

2020 1 oz Colorized Silver DC Comics – The Flash – Niue Chibi Coin Collection

  • 2020 1 oz Colorized Silver DC Comics – The Flash – Niue Chibi Coin Collection: The 2020 1 oz Colorized Chibi Silver Flash Coin is an adorable silver coin that features The Flash in the Japanese art style called “Chibi.” The NZ Mint’s new Chibi Coin Collection debuted in 2020, and this release honors the Scarlet Speedster himself. The Chibi Silver Flash coin is part of the DC Comics Chibi Coin Series. 

The Flash

2021 Niue 1 oz Silver Darth Vader Star Wars – Faces of the Empire Shaped Coin

  • 2021 Niue 1 oz Silver Darth Vader Star Wars – Faces of the Empire Shaped Coin: The very first in the New Zealand Mint’s brand-new Star Wars™ Faces of the Empire™ Coin Collection, this coin spotlights the face of Darth Vader™. Containing .999 fine silver, this 1 troy ounce Vader coin incorporates additional relief into its design to convey a thrilling look! This officially licensed collectible is the first of many in the series, with a limited production of only 10,000 coins. 

Darth Vader

Purchasing Colorized Silver Coins from Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges offers an extensive array of colorized silver coins. Nevertheless, colorized silver coins are in high demand and sell out quickly, so act fast! If you want to learn more about colorized silver coins, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is at your service, ready to answer all questions.

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