Precious Metals Presents for Your Parents and Friends

Need some fun ideas for holiday gifts? Let Bullion Exchanges show you the way! Besides our regular core products, we also provide a wide variety of theatrical, thoughtful, and thematic gifts for your loved ones. Read on for some sensational seasonal suggestions!

General Holiday Generosity

No matter what you celebrate, these unique holiday gifts will delight those from any background. Therefore, you should check out these fantastic finds!

Colorful Collections:

Whether you’re a fan of DC, Disney, or “danger”, these incredible coin and foil series provide delightful display opportunities. Also, they can increase the value of any precious metals portfolio. Collect them all!

Chibi Coins

Disney Coins

James Bond Silver Foils

Singular Silver Sensations:

Besides our captivating collections, we also offer spectacular silver products that will take center stage. Additionally, these unique and amusing coins will provide the perfect conversation starter for your friends and family.

2020 Niue 1 oz Colorized Silver Prisoner of Azkaban – Harry Potter Poster Coin

2021 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Music Legends Elton John Coin

2020 1 oz Tuvalu Krusty The Clown Silver Coin

The Search For Seasonal Specificity 

Want to give a more seasonal present? Take a look at these festive products! 

Considering Something Christmas-themed? 

First, Bullion Exchanges presents specially-selected items perfect for opening underneath your tree. 

2020 1 Oz Santa Claus Silver Coin 

This Santa Coin has a LIMITED MINTAGE of only 2,020!

2021 1 oz Silver Snow Maiden Matryoshka Doll Solomon Islands $5 Coin

This Matryoshka Doll Coin has a LIMITED MINTAGE of only 5,000

30 gram PAMP Suisse Gingerbread Man PEZ Dispenser & Silver Wafers

This Gingerbread Man PEZ Set has a LIMITED MINTAGE of only 4,000!

Grab Some Chanukah Gelt!

Next, let us suggest some fun ideas for those eight crazy nights. While your Bubbie is frying potato latkes, show off one of these unique silver coins in the bright menorah light.

2020 6 gram Fiji Coca-Cola Israel Bottle Cap $1 Proof Silver Coin

This Coca Cola Coin has a LIMITED MINTAGE of only 1,000!

2020 Chad 2 oz Silver Joshua – Nine Worthies Series Antiqued High Relief 5000 Francs Coin

This Joshua coin has a LIMITED MINTAGE of only 500!

Bring Good Fortune to Your New Year Celebrations

Finally, some prosperity-themed products to ring in the New Year! 

Lady Luck In Gorgeous Gold Form

Lady Fortuna Gold Bars

A Memorable Mahāyāna New Year 

Beautiful Buddha Coins and Medals

Happy Holidays from BE!

Bullion Exchanges invites you to enjoy the wonderful wintertime season with these ideas for popular holiday gifts. Besides these fun and festive finds, we also offer a variety of new and exciting releases for the upcoming year. Review our recently published 2021 Britannia blog, with exciting information regarding the coin’s brand-new security features! Additionally, we currently offer the new 2021 Gold American Eagle and Silver American Eagle Coins, now on pre-sale! Furthermore, we proudly present our exclusive 2020 1 Kilo Silver Australian Bull and Bear Coin, with a limited mintage of only 500! Also, be sure to explore our large selection of Lovely Lunar Coins from the Perth Mint. This Perth Lunar program continues to provide buyers with exceptional designs and impeccable quality. Lastly, if you have any questions regarding our products, please contact our helpful customer service team.

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