With the Expansion of the Metaverse Experience in VR, Bloktopia Capitalizes on Selling Virtual Space for Those Who Want to Own Virtual Real Estate



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Precious metals such as gold and silver are viewed as timeless resources. Gold can protect wealth and bring security to your assets. Some people have become aware of fiat currency and the threat of an impending monetary collapse. As such,  precious metals continue to bear fruit while inflation continues to grow uncontrollably. But now, new forms have arisen as an alternative or even an accompaniment to gold, with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Imagine a central hub where you can take part in all levels of the crypto world experiences. A place where anyone can have access to all types of virtual content in one place. This is exactly what Bloktopia offers to bring users with their 21 floor VR skyscraper. The 21 floors are in commemoration of Bitcoin’s 21 million tokens.

What is Bloktopia?

Users of Bloktopia are called Bloktopians and will be able to experience crypto education, view NFT artwork, and partake in activities unique to the metaverse. Additionally, Bloktopians will get to participate in Bloktopias real estate market. You will be able to buy, sell, and lease your VR real estate property

Bloktopia will sell its real estate using its own digital currency called Blok. Each Blok represents a token. Additionally, every token can be used to purchase a Reblok, which is the name of the VR real estate. All Rebloks purchased will decrease the supply of Rebloks in Bloktopia, giving Bloktopians the possibility of creating higher valuations for your real estate. 

Another feature you will find in Bloktopia is the possibility of using your real estate for advertising purposes and also renting out space that can allow users to generate passive income. The advertising spaces are called Adbloks. Bloktopians can also purchase items from its own marketplace using Bloks. The marketplace will feature different items like NFTs for you to use, display or resell in Bloktopia.  Some interesting features you will find in this metaverse are museums displaying unique NFT artwork, casino-like games where you will have a chance to win prizes, forums that will allow users to learn and discuss different topics, and shopping. Furthermore, users will be able to play for pay and participate in many different activities on all 21 floors of the virtual skyscraper.


Metaverse Experience

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How does the Metaverse work?

The metaverse is a virtual world where people can explore and interact independently with the physical world. Many view the metaverse as the next internet. In Bloktopia, the metaverse will allow Bloktopians to partake in a decentralized and open-sourced exchange, where users can sell NFTs. Users will be able to educate themselves on the world of crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse. Even more, you will be able to play games and interact with other Bloktopians, giving new meaning to what a new social media platform can be. 

Many people in the crypto and tech space believe that the metaverse, through VR and AR applications, will become the new internet. In fact, other tech giants like Facebook, are going all-in on creating their own metaverse. Currently, Facebook plans to hire 10,000 employees in Europe to help develop what the company calls a “new phase of interconnected virtual experiences”. 

Chiefly, the experiences these companies are trying to create with the metaverse are supposed to mimic our physical world, allowing us to interact with our virtual environment the way we currently do. Virtual money, products, and services are just a part of the simulated experiences that will allow you to live an alternate life.  


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Who’s Onboard? 

As of now, Bloktopia has enlisted a couple of popular figures not only to promote this new metaverse platform but also to participate as investors. Some names include Jake Paul, Animoca Brands, Polygon, Polkastarter, DuckDao, Collateral, Wendy-O, Kucoin, Travala, Avalanche, Anti Fund, and Bitboy. To that end, hoping to capitalize on the NFT market, these partners will help generate buzz around the platform.

When is Bloktopia launching?

So far, Bloktopia has conducted an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Soon after, they will start selling their virtual real estate. The creators believe that the platform will be available to the general public by March 2022. In the meantime, investors are going to establish a presence through token purchases and setting up advertising opportunities for launch. 


Finally, only time will tell which direction VR and AR will take, as many more platforms are created. We don’t know which platform will dominate or which will flunk. The VR world is showing tremendous promise as a new frontier for the digital world. As VR continues to become more mainstream with daily new developments, it continues to allure newcomers. Platforms like Bloktopia will allow users the opportunity to learn more about the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and NFT’s. We will see how this metaverse turns out and hope it delivers on its promises.


  1. I am an old guy. I probably didn’t have to say that considering my question and comment. What happens when, not if, the internet shuts down because of gov’t, or other criminal interference? How do you get your stuff? It seems to me that the fragility of the internet and the innate criminality found in those who run and regulate our financial systems make this as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise. I am an (very) old school dude who still believes that if you can’t hold it in your hand, run away with it or defend it against it being taken away against your will, you don’t really own it. Is it a case of people being conned in to believing in magic dimensions, big indestructable imaginary universes, or metaverses by very sharp salespeople or is it my own feeble brain not being able to see something that, to me, defies histoty, logic and
    the laws of physics? I would like serious answers because, to me, these are serious questions. What an adventure we have ahead of us!

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting. I definitely agree with you on the possibility of interference from forces we cannot control. With certain decentralized systems like blockchain, the probability of a complete shutdown is minimal but not absolute. For the decentralized currencies, the metaverse, blockchain, and the internet, the whole world would have to completely shut down for a person to lose some access to their digital assets. If that’s the case, it would be a cataclysmic event. Anything that does not have a power source would be inactive. Now there are systems in place that operate as a backup in case an event like that does happen. If one is worried about owning crypto and not having complete access to it if the government or criminals strike, an option that a person can take is to purchase a crypto USB drive. You can save your digital assets on a physical drive and lock them up in a safe. That way only you have access to it and it’s in your position, similarly to physical gold.

      Now digital currencies and the blockchain isn’t perfect. It is part of the evolution of finance and society as a whole. Decentralization gives individuals autonomy from global financial institutions and governments. Centralized digital currencies will become the new system of finance.

      The metaverse is a complex idea that doesn’t make too much sense to many people, but neither did electricity when it was converted to power for everyday use. The digital evolution of society is moving at ab extremely fast pace. Social media and video games have paved the way to this new idea of mentally habiting a virtual world. Human’s appetite for exploring the digital world is overwhelming.

      History has shown that humans like to explore and conquer. The metaverse capitalizes on the possibility of creating a symbiotic relationship between humans and VR. I do agree, we do have an adventure ahead of us. I think it’s better to be ahead of the game however it turns out.

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