New day – new Bitcoin’s record. The only question: ” Is this the record of victory or the record of loss”? In less than 24 hours, bitcoin’s price has plummeted approximately 14 percent.

Yesterday Bitcoin’s record high led to a flurry of Bitcoin exchanges and even crashed some of them. Google search “How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card” was around its historical peak on Wednesday, but why investors are searching for “Bitcoin bubble” on Google today? What comes next? Maybe, there is no answer to this, but let’s take a look.

Bitcoin price reached $11,290 on Wednesday, representing a rise of over $3,100 in just a week. Investors were elated, but then the reality started coming in. Then, it’s only been a day since the cryptocurrency reached its one of all-time high record, before falling more than 15 percent to $9,200 today. Notable, that the question “Is a crash coming”? immediately hijacked market’s attention. Those investors with a clear mind could certainly see things are not going as smoothly as we expected.

Investors who bought Bitcoin even two years ago have something to be thankful for. On the other side, a lot of people who have bought Bitcoin at the top, now face a difficult decision. Whether we have in our investment portfolio, we better stay skeptical and keep our eyes open.


This article is provided as a third party analysis and does not constitute any financial advice, which can only be provided by a certified financial adviser.


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