The Newest Releases from the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint continues to produce coins, bars, and other goods that celebrate the history of the United Kingdom. Available now, these two bars are no exception to that. The Britannia silver bar will be the first 10 ounce and 100 ounce silver bullion bars that the Royal Mint has produced featuring the recognizable Britannia design.

The History and Design

The Britannia image is one that most citizens of the UK are familiar with. The design goes all the way back on the older 50 pence coins. Although, not everyone is able to name Britannia or her background. Britannia is the female personification of the British Isles. Her first image used as a goddess was all the way back in the first century. Ever since then, the coinage depicts the image of Britannia, even on pennies dating back to 1797. Consequently, she had been the image of the 50 pence coin until 2008.

Britannia Bars

Throughout this time, her image has remained largely the same, except for her trident. Originally, she had been depicted with a spear. Since then, Britain had begun to emphasize its maritime influence, and her spear was replaced with today’s trident. Then and now, she symbolizes liberty, unification, and strength, especially in times of trouble. Her iconic image and themes of national pride speak to generations of British history.

Order Today

Certainly, there is an exciting new addition to The Royal Mint’s product line. Most noteworthy, are the newest Britannia silver bars. Crafted of .999 pure silver, the bars are now available in both a 10 ounce and a 100 oz size. Both are eligible for Precious Metals IRA options. The obverse of these stunning silver bars displays a classic Britannia portrait of her facing forward, shield and trident in hand, against a maritime-themed background that includes built-in, anti-counterfeiting protection. The reverse displays The Royal Mint’s shield logo with the weight, purity, metal content, and serial number inscribed on top of an elegant wave pattern.



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