Austrian Corona Gold Coins

Looking for a durable gold coin to add to your gold bullion collection? Try buying one of these Austrian Corona Gold Coins! These sturdy and historic gold Austrian coins provide diversity and stability to a growing gold portfolio. Known as the Korona/Corona in Latin, the original name for these gold coins varied by region. Nowadays, Corona is the most common name used to refer to these wonderful Austrian coins. Coronas coins come in three sizes: 10 Coronas, 20 Coronas, and 100 Coronas. Furthermore, all sizes make a valuable addition to gold portfolios, so explore our Austrian Gold Corona options today!

History of Gold Coronas

Following the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s coin reform in 1892, production began on Gold Corona coins. Minted in 10, 20, and 100 denominations, these Austrian gold coins first appeared during varying years. 10 Gold Coronas and 20 Gold Coronas both began production in 1892. Afterward, 20 Coronas came onto the scene in 1908.  Sales for Austrian Coronas surged after the legalization of private gold bullion ownership in 1974. This is Executive Order 6102 in the US. This order legalized private ownership of precious metals bullion once again after the economy recovered from the Great Depression.

100 Coronas were commonly struck as restrikes in 1916 bearing a 1915 mintmark. Minted in order to commemorate the Emperor of Austria-Hungry, Franz Josef I, production of the gold Austrian coin greatly increased during that time. Furthermore, the original 100 Corona coins with earlier mint dates prove incredibly rare to find. Because this coin was among the first gold bullion coins procurable by US residents, Austrian Coronas maintain a special place in the heart of many experienced gold coin collectors. 

Design of the Gold Coronas

The obverse of the Gold Coronas features a large bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I, facing right. Latin characters encircle Franz Joseph’s head.

The reverse of these gold coins displays the coat of arms for the Austrian-Hungarian empire. This features a double-headed eagle holding a scepter and an orb. Also included are the name of the coin, date, and value. 

100 Corona Austrian Gold Coin AU/BU (Random Year) Bullion Exchanges

Coin Features:

  • Made from 0.900 fine gold with a weight of 0.9802 troy oz
  • Coin comes in Almost Uncirculated or Brilliant Uncirculated Condition.
  • Minted at the Austrian Mint.
  • Dates will be chosen randomly based on availability.
  • Individual coins come in protective plastic flips. Multiples of 20 are packaged in protective plastic tubes.
  • Obverse: Features a right-facing bust portrait of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.
  • Reverse: Displays a majestic Austrian Coat of Arms superimposed over a crowned imperial double-headed eagle.

About the Austrian Mint

The history of the Austrian Mint extends all the way back until 1194. Richard the Lionhart paid around 12-15 tonnes silver to the Duke of Austria at the time in order to secure his freedom after his imprisonment. This action unknowingly prepared the foundation for what later became the Austrian Mint.  The Vienna Mint, the first official Austrian Mint mentioned in historical documents around 200 years later, became the sole mint of Austria around 1919. Since then, the Vienna Mint struck many coins, including the famous Austrian Philharmonic coin

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