The Market Review: Gold underwent some mild ups and downs yesterday, starting at $1348 and reaching as low as $1338 in the late afternoon, eventually closing in the middle at $1343. Silver and platinum are creeping up, but palladium experienced a mild drop. As of the time of writing, these are the prices:

Percentage Change

Price of Gold


+ 0.045%

Price of Silver


+ 0.058%

Price of Platinum


+ 0.748%

Price of Palladium


– 2.623%



Dow and Boeing are having good market days, with Dow futures up 217 points after falling over 500 points in the previous two sessions and Boeing shares rising more than 5%.  We’ve been keeping you updated on news of the Fed rate hikes, with predictions of three to come this year. The last meeting of the current chair, Janet Yellen, will be held today, and there are no expectations for a hike to come out of this particular meeting.

It’s been a tough year so far for bitcoin, with it decreasing by 12% today to another low of $9627.89. It was able to recover above the $10,000 mark, and at time of writing is hovering at $10,244. Although expectations are that it will not hold steady at the five-figure mark for long. Trump gave his first State of the Union last night, where he mentioned the growing stock markets and praised our current economy. 

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