Take These Wallstreet Silver Rounds To The Moon!

Bullion Exchanges proudly presents the 2021 1 oz Wallstreet Silver Round. This Bullion Exchanges Exclusive commemorates the historic stock market impact that stemmed from the famous social media website, Reddit. These Brilliant Uncirculated rounds contain .999 fine silver and weigh 1 troy ounce, enhancing their appeal. Enjoy the animated artistry of the round’s design, featuring images related to the forum’s active role in the stock market. Put your “Diamond Hands” to the test and hold onto these 2021 Wallstreet Silver Rounds for years to come!  

Gamestock, Blackberry, and AMC — These Stocks Are VIP!

The obverse of the Wallstreet silver round features the subreddit mascot of a young stock trader wearing sunglasses. He holds a diamond in his outstretched hand representing “Diamond Hands. Additionally, the boy holds three bullion bars in his other hand, reminding the viewer of the push to buy precious metals earlier this year. Furthermore, the stock tickers of various companies affected by this trading frenzy also appear on the obverse of the Wallstreet silver round. These include $AMC, $SLV, $GME, and $BB, among others. Other popular phrases from the subreddit, spread out throughout the illustration, include “TO THE MOON” and “GAME STONKS”. “HODL”, the intentionally misspelled engraving of the word ‘hold”, is one of the most common phrases found on the forum. Lastly, the Wallstreet silver round obverse is graced by a symbol of bull and a Wall Street sign, along with the weight and purity of the round.

Spot The Hotshot On A Yacht

The reverse of the Wallstreet silver round depicts the same stock trader wearing a mask on a yacht. Robin Hood floats in the water below, aiming an arrow at the bottom of the boat. Bear silhouettes appear to swim in the ocean waves as a rocket blasts off into the sky, most likely flying to the moon! Inscriptions on the Wallstreet silver round include “GAMESTONK”, “POWER TO THE PLAYERS”, “WE LIKE THE STOCK”, and “BUY HIGH SELL HIGHER”. 

Wallstreet silver round bullion exchanges exclusive Wallstreet silver round bullion exchanges exclusive

Wallstreet Silver Round Specifications:

  • Bullion Exchanges Exclusive
  • Made from .999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Individual rounds come in protective flips. Lots of 20 arrive in plastic tubes.
  • Obverse: Stock Trader Boy surrounded by various images, phrases, and company tickers.
  • Reverse: Stock Trader Boy on a boat surrounded by stock-related images and phrases. Inscriptions include “GAMESTONK”, “BUY THE FKN DIP” and “POWER TO THE PLAYERS”.

Always Bet on Bullion Exchanges!

Bullion Exchanges provides high-quality silver products for our valued customers, including this 2021 1 oz Wallstreet Silver Round. Seeking more market-related silver? Check out our other BE Exclusives, like the 2020 1 oz Silver Australian Bull and Bear Coin and the 2020 1 Kilo Silver Australian Bull and Bear Coin. You can also take a look at our BE exclusives blog for regular updates! Once you submit an order, your items will be safely wrapped and shipped to your address. Lastly, make sure to contact our customer service team with any questions or concerns.



  2. What an interesting way to celebrate the market shakeup abd meme stocks. Love this!

  3. Those are cute! Would rather have these than the stonks!!

  4. Wow these are so interesting! Guess you will have to “stock” up on them, since they will get so popular, haha!

  5. What a fun way to commemorate “gaming” the system 😂

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