Those who enjoyed the Queen’s Beasts coin program have no need to fear that their collecting days are over. Coming to you brand new this month are the first-ever releases in the Royal Mint bullion program, the Great Engravers bars! This artfully crafted collection begins in 2021 and kicks off the start of a new historically-infused bullion line. Now you can continue to honor British culture and introduce rich cultural minting history into your investments with the Great Engravers bars. But first, let’s take a closer look at this program and its first releases. 

Royal Mint Bullion: Great Engravers Collection

The Royal Mint’s new collection, the Great Engravers, honors some of the most prominent and significant Royal Mint Chief Engravers. Kicking off the collection, William Wyon is the first Chief Engraver being featured. Wyon maintained his position from 1829 until he passed in 1851, and he is widely regarded as one of the most prominent artists to ever work on British coinage. Interestingly, his career overlapped with another acclaimed artist, Benedetto Pistrucci. Their intertwined careers fuelled an intense rivalry. Nevertheless, Wyon is famous for his design of the Queen Victoria British Sovereigns, and others. Therefore, the first bullion bar of the Great Engravers collection showcases the famous Una and the Lion design.

First Release Inspiration: Una and the Lion

Una and the Lion is a beloved design that is widely believed to be among the most beautiful British coins ever struck. “The Faerie Queen” epic poem, written by Edmund Spenser, served as the inspiration for this coin back in 1839. Wyon’s brilliant coin commemorated the start of young Queen Victoria’s reign, and it was a bold decision to include this allusion on the coin. The reason behind this is that no British monarch had been compared to a fictional character before this piece. 

In the design of the original coin, a queenly character leads a lion beside her with her scepter. She wears a crown and carries the sovereign’s orb, an instrument used in coronation ceremonies. This image was updated for the new release onto Royal Mint bullion bars, but the key design elements remain. 

What is The Faerie Queen?

Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen” follows the tale of a young Lady Una as she seeks to rescue her parents, the King and Queen, from an evil dragon. Along her expedition, she meets a lion. Although lions normally pose a threat, this lion was so captivated by Una’s bravery and innocence. Therefore, he became her guardian and champion to help her on her journey to rescue her family. This epic poem has several layers of allegory, and many believe the story is about Queen Elizabeth I.

First Release: Una and the Lion Royal Mint Bullion Bars

The new Royal Mint bullion bar was produced in a variety of editions, but all are made with a fineness of .9999 pure metal content. Available in gold and silver, you can also find 1 oz silver bars, 10 oz silver bars, and 100 oz silver bars. However, mintages vary for each edition, so keep that in mind if you are considering placing an order. Specifically, the mintage for the silver bars are 35,000 (1 oz silver bar), 6,100 (10 oz silver bar), and 1,200 (100 oz silver bar), but there are only 4,000 of the 1 oz gold bars

Similar to the original design, these Una and the Lion bars feature a young woman holding the sovereign’s orb and scepter. Beside her is a lion, vigilantly watching over the young queen. 

Una and the Lion silver bar royal mint bullion exchanges

Bar Specifications:

  • Limited Mintage of 35,000
  • Part of the first release in the new Great Engraver series
  • Made from .9999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Produced by the British Royal Mint
  • Individual bars arrive inside a protective plastic covering
  • Obverse: An artistic spiral design. Inscriptions: Royal Mint logo, “1 oz”, and also “999.9 FINE SILVER”.
  • Reverse: Una standing next to the lion while holding the orb and scepter. A spiral background appears behind them.

Una and the Lion gold bar Royal Mint Bullion exchanges

Bar Specifications:

  • Limited mintage of 4,000
  • Part of the first release in the new Great Engravers Series
  • Made from .9999 fine gold with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Unique serial number
  • Produced by the British Royal Mint
  • Shipped in original, sealed assay card to validate its authenticity
  • Obverse: An artistic spiral design. Inscriptions: Royal Mint logo, “1 oz”, and also “999.9 FINE GOLD”.
  • Reverse: Una stands with the lion beside her while holding the sovereign’s orb and scepter. The spiral background appears behind them.  


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