You MUST not pass up the opportunity to adventure with the Lord of the Rings Silver Foil! This unprecedented product is technically a silver coin owing to its legal tender status. The New Zealand Mint, home to the filming location of Middle Earth, struck this LOTR silver map foil with .999 fine silver, and a weight of 35 grams. As an officially licensed collectible, this product is subsequently a fantastic piece for any fantasy enthusiast. However, with its low mintage of 2,000, this LOTR silver map foil is in limited supply. Don’t miss out on this adventurous 2021 Niue 35 Gram Lord Of The Rings – Middle Earth $2 Silver Foilgrab it now and retrace the steps of the famous stories within Tolkein’s fictional universe. 

The Hobbit: Prequel to the Famous Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings remains one of the most beloved film and literature franchises of all time. Even today, many still fall under the spell of the magical stories spun by author J.R.R. Tolkein in the 20th century. The very first story, The Hobbit, is a children’s novel published in 1937. Now, it remains a common choice on summer reading lists for children in middle school and high school levels. 

This novel follows Bilbo Baggins, a character of the fictional hobbit race. He is dragged along on an adventure with dwarves who seek to avenge their fallen civilization. Although Bilbo is hesitant to join this unruly band of adventurers, the wizard Gandalf the Grey manages to convince him. With his heart set on his first real adventure, he follows the band heralded by Thorin Oakenshield as their burglar. Going entirely against hobbit culture, Bilbo agrees. This hobbit, consequently, goes on a perilous journey involving giant spiders and outwitting the dragon named Smaug. 

Despite how Bilbo is initially more of a hindrance than a help, he becomes an asset to the dwarves, especially when dealing with Smaug later in the Misty Mountains. Later, he returns home at the completion of his journey “there and back again.” In addition to his payment for a job well done, Bilbo becomes the owner of a peculiar gold ring. He actually stole this captivating ring from the famous Gollum in the depths of the goblin mines. This ring later becomes the crux of the follow-up trilogy, the Lord of the Rings. So, trace the journey of Bilbo and the dwarves on this LOTR silver map foil from Hobbiton to Lake Town and the Misty Mountains!

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

To follow up and meet the demand for a new story after the successful prequel, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was published. This series follows Frodo Baggins, nephew of Bilbo, decades after the events from the prequel. As Bilbo decides to retire to Rivendell, an elf domain, Gandalf discovers the ring in Bilbo’s possession. So, he conducts extensive research and determines that this ring is the Ring of Power, struck by the Dark Lord Sauron. This malicious figure once sought to take control over all of Middle Earth. Although he is technically dead, his soul lived on in Mordor. After Bilbo uses the ring for a practical joke to sneak out of his 111th birthday party, Gandalf persuades him to leave it behind with Frodo. 

The story of the ring captivates audiences internationally. We can follow the life-altering journey Frodo undertakes to destroy takes the sentient ring that stops at nothing to get back to its master. In addition to following Frodo Baggins, the trilogy also includes the other fellowship members who seek to destroy the ring including:

  • Legolas the Elf,
  • Aragorn/Strider,
  • Gimli the dwarf,
  • Gandalf the Grey/White,
  • Boromir,
  • and the hobbits Pippin Took, Merry Brandybuck, and Samwise Gamgee.

Not every character survives to see the triumphant end, but the journey Frodo and the fellowship take changes the world of Middle Earth forever. Most importantly, Tolkein’s novels set forth the standard for modern high fantasy. Without this pivotal series, the fantasy genre would not be what it is today. From the original, The Hobbit children’s novel to the fantastical Lord of the Rings trilogy, any high fantasy literature or film fan will enjoy this LOTR silver map foil. Although to the untrained eye this is a simple, fictional map, this silver foil actually conveys incredible stories that comprise one of the highest-grossing movie franchises of all time. So, enrich your silver collection today!

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor…without the LOTR Silver Map Foil

The LOTR silver map foil is not merely a silver coin with a colorized poster of Tolkein’s map. You can enjoy the silver map, especially for its uncolored text that “sparkles” when it captures light. The ocean is also left uncolored.

Product Features:

  • Limited Mintage of 2,000
  • Officially licensed Lord of the Rings Collectible
  • Made from .999 fine silver with a weight of 35 grams
  • Produced by the New Zealand Mint
  • Arrives with special thematic box and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Obverse: Displays the Queen Elizabeth II legal tender over a tiled background featuring the New Zealand Mint logo. Inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II”, “NIUE”, “TWO DOLLARS”, and also “2021”.
  • Reverse: Features a map of the fictional Middle Earth over an exposed silver sea. Inscriptions include all the location names in the realm of Middle Earth.


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