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Creativity in the bullion industry is boundless, as proved by this fantastic 2021 5 gram Sterling Silver Playable Fender® Guitar Pick. This is the first-ever silver guitar pick that is both officially licensed by Fender and struck by PAMP Suisse! What makes this silver guitar pick truly special is that it can actually be used for playing. Most guitar picks consist of celluloid, but due to this product’s .999 fine silver purity, musicians can create a truly distinctive sound. An artist is only as good as their tools, so get the best for your guitar or your favorite musician! This 5 gram silver guitar pick arrives encapsulated and in a special windowed PAMP Suisse box. When you aren’t striking gold with your music, safely store and display your unique tool. 

Fender: A Legendary American Music Icon2021 5 gram PAMP Suisse Sterling Silver Playable Fender Guitar Pick

Back in the 1940s, Leo Fender set out to build his first electric guitar. Little did he know that this guitar would open the stage for the Fender® Musical Instruments Company. He once began as a radio repairman, but then in 1943, he started crafting musical instruments and amplifiers with a local musician. 

Together, Fender and Doc Kaufmann opened K&F Manufacturing Corp. It only lasted a few years before Fender continued independently to forge a revolutionary guitar with high versatility. Also, he wanted this guitar to be louder and far more thrilling than any other on the market. This aspiration birthed “The Esquire” in 1951, but it is better known as the Telecaster today. Most notably, this was the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar. Also in 1953, Fender invented the first-ever electric bass (the Precision Bass®) and bass amp (the Bassman®).

The Fender® Company began in Southern California and is now an American icon and one of the most famous manufacturers of instruments in the world. Famous musicians including George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, and Keith Richards used this new piece. Their support garnered an impressive and respected reputation for the Fender company.  Guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and accessories today have a long history of support from famous bands and musicians. These first supporters are now recognized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and more.

The Playable Silver Guitar Pick

What is perhaps the most important detail about this phenomenal silver guitar pick is that it is the world’s first playable silver pick! Although there are other metallic guitar picks on the market, not all of them are as well engineered as this officially licensed piece. It was specifically designed to play, and it is not just a collectible item. 

Additionally, this silver guitar pick is a replica of the 351 Shape Classic – Extra Heavy classic guitar pick. This piece is one of the most popular guitar picks ever forged by Fender. Grab the silver edition now and create your own silvery sound. 


Product Specifications:

  • Made with .925 sterling silver and weighs 5 grams
  • Proof-like finish
  • Manufactured by the PAMP Suisse
  • Silver replica of the 351 Shape Classic – Extra Heavy
  • Created especially for use on guitars
  • Individual pieces come in cap with special mint issued box and Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Obverse: Features the Fender® logo over a wavelength-pattern background. Inscriptions: “Fender®” and “EXTRA HEAVY”.
  • Reverse: Bears the PAMP Suisse logo. Inscriptions: “PAMP”, “SILVER”, “2021”, and “925”.

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