Month: August 2020

Bi-Metallic Coins Part Two: New Lineup!

Brilliant, Beautiful, Bi-Metallic Coins Bullion Exchanges is once again thrilled to present the limited edition bi-metallic coins. When you invest in one of these coins, you are not just getting silver mixed with copper. These coins were actually made with a special process called Bi-Metallic MAX. Like the previous bi-metallic […]

Glittering Gold Spot Prices JUMP then Fall

UPDATED: 8/7/20 Gold and silver had a nearly five-day streak with record-breaking highs. This modern-day gold and silver rush mostly flourished around the uncertainty of the long-term economic impact of COVID-19. However, by Friday, gold futures finished significantly lower, which consequently lowered gold spot prices.  Gold and silver snatched the […]