The end of 2020 is nigh, but before we say goodbye to the year, the US Mint has a special release for us: the 2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin Set. This last major 2020 US Mint release coming out is the Limited Edition 2020 S 2.5 oz US Mint Limited Edition Proof Silver 8-Coin Set. This set features the 2020 S Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar and 2020 S 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle Limited Edition coins. For the second year in a row, all these coins contain .999 fine silver, have a lovely Proof Finish, and feature a San Francisco mintmark. However, this incredible gift has a lot of pieces to it, so let’s take a deeper look. 

2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin Set

The US Mint 2020 Proof Silver Coin Set arriving in a lovely box were all minted at the San Francisco Mint. Similar to last year, this US Mint 2020 Proof Silver Coin Set contains the 2020 America the Beautiful silver quarters, a Silver Eagle, a Kennedy Half Dollar, and a Roosevelt Dime. Most importantly, this is a uniform collection of 2020 US Mint silver coins. This second-annual release is a wonderful gift for any coin collector. The holidays are upon us, and although it might be too late for a Christmas gift, New Year’s is on the way, and so is Valentine’s Day!

Please note, the ATB coins in this collection are not the original 5 troy oz size. The America the Beautiful coins are each 6.343 grams–about the size of a circulating quarter. However, these coins are all proof and contain silver. 

US Mint 2020 Proof Silver Coin Set Features:

  • Mintage of 50,000
  • Unique 2020 8-Coin Set from the U.S. Mint
  • Each coin contains .999 fine silver and all the coins weigh a total of 2.75 troy oz
  • Proof condition
  • Minted at the San Francisco Mint – each coin bears the “S” mintmark
  • Each set is shipped in the original US Mint Box and accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity
  • 8-Coin Set Includes:
    • One American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Proof Coin
    • One Kennedy half dollar
    • One Roosevelt dime
    • Five of the 2020 America the Beautiful Silver Quarters
  • “America the Beautiful” Series:

2020 S Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy Half Dollar remains a special edition piece that collectors often grab each year. This silver coin features the late John F Kennedy. Sadly, this former president did not hold his position for long in his presidential term before his assassination in 1963. 

To honor the president, the US Mint decided to honor his memory through the Kennedy Half Dollar. The Kennedy Half Dollars were struck for general circulation at first. However, the American public often instead collected the 90% silver coins for their silver content and as a memento. Although the US Mint then lowered the silver content to 40% the following year, people still collected these coins more often instead of using them for monetary exchange. 

So, this silver bullion coin edition debuted in 2019, and it remains incredibly sought after and often sells out soon after its first release. Rather than containing only .900 silver, this 2020 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar actually has a higher purity of .999 fine silver and a striking proof finish. You can grab this coin separate from the 2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin Set and add it to your collection!

Product Features:

  • Made from .999 fine silver, for the second year in a row
  • Produced by the US Mint
  • Graded by PCGS as PF 70 with the First Day of Issue designation
  • Displays the San Francisco mint mark
  • Face value of $0.50 USD backed by the US government
  • Carefully packaged and placed inside a PCGS holder with a First Strike label
  • Obverse: Featuring a portrait of John F. Kennedy with the inscriptions, “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “S” mintmark, and the mintage year, “2020”.
  • Reverse: Displays the US Presidential Seal with a majestic bald eagle bearing a striped shield with its wings widespread. Its talons carry a bunch of arrows, an olive branch, and its beak holds a ribbon emblazoned with the US motto. Thirteen stars and clouds arc overhead to represent the original states. Rays of sunlight shine behind the eagle. Inscriptions include “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and “HALF DOLLAR.”

2020 S 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle 

This 2020 Silver Eagle features the San Francisco mintmark. Consequently, this is a special release since the 2021 Silver Eagles will bear a new reverse design in late 2021. 

Recently, the US Mint confirmed that the original American Eagle coins (gold and silver) originated from San Francisco only. Therefore, this US Mint 2020 Proof Silver Coin Set release is a special edition that indirectly honors the mint’s history with the program. The 2020 Silver Eagle coins contain .999 fine silver and weigh 1 troy oz. You can secure this coin with your purchase of this 2nd annual collection, or individually as graded editions.

Coin Features:

  • One of the last 2020 Silver Eagles with the John Mercanti reverse design
  • Made from .999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Proof condition
  • Graded by PCGS as PF 70 with the First Strike label
  • Struck by the US Mint at the San Francisco facility
  • Face value of $1 USD backed by the US Government
  • Obverse: Features the iconic Lady Liberty in a Phrygian cap walking to greet the sunrise. She wears the US Flag around her shoulders as she carries branches in her left arm. Her right arm extends to meet the sunrise. Inscriptions: “LIBERTY”, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, and the year of mintage.
  • Reverse: Displays the original John Mercanti reverse image of the heraldic eagle with the US flag shield on its chest. The eagle also carries an olive branch in the right talon and arrows in its left. Its beak clutches a banner with the US motto in Latin. Inscriptions: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, “S” mintmark, the weight, and the denomination.

America the Beautiful Quarters

This year, the US Mint continued the America the Beautiful quarter’s program. Now, there is only one coin left to debut in 2021! This collection displays imagery of US and US territory landmarks, nature preserves, landmark buildings, and more. The releases this year include the:

American Samoa National Park Coin

Weir Farm National Historic Site Coin

Salt River Bay US Virgin Islands coin

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park coin

Kansas Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve coin

You can read more about the program right here. Please keep in mind that the ATB silver quarters in the  2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin Set are actually not the 5 troy oz size like the individual releases from earlier this year. In the 2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin Set, the ATB quarters are about the size of actual circulating quarters.

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Bullion Exchanges is thrilled to offer the Limited Edition 2020 S 2.5 oz US Mint Limited Edition Proof Silver 8-Coin Set. Once you place your order of the 2020 US Mint Proof Silver Coin set, it will arrive with ungraded editions of all the included proof silver coins. Only one other annual set was struck so far, however it seems this set may become an annual tradition. Therefore, stay tuned for more information with Bullion Exchanges. While you wait, check out our other 2020 US Mint coins such as the numerous 2020 Silver Eagle coins, the 2020-W Jefferson Nickel PCGS PF 70 FDOI Jamie Franki Sign (w/ 2020-S US Mint Proof 10-Coin Set), and 2020-W V75 Privy 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle End of WWII 75th Anniv (w/Box & COA). We will securely package your order to be shipped to your address. Feel free to contact us with any questions because our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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