The South Korean Mint, KOMSCO, began only 69 years ago in 1951. Today, it is the sole producer of South Korean coinage used in circulation. Additionally, it operates under the South Korean government. On top of striking currency, this mint also created the South Korean Silver Tiger medal. This year, for the 5th anniversary of the tiger medals, there is an exciting new story for the tiger cub. So, take a journey through beautiful South Korea in your silver bullion collection. Buy the South Korean Silver Tiger Medal today!

The Siberian Tiger and South Korea

The Siberian Tiger is native to the Russian and Northern Asian territories. Today it is an endangered animal, but its population is currently stable as a protected animal. These incredible beasts tend to be reddish or yellowy “rusty” with narrow black and brownish stripes. Their rusty orange coloring can be softer than other tiger breeds, but they also have white fur around their chest, bellies, and necks. The Siberian Tiger is the largest tiger in the world.  Healthy adult male Siberian tigers can weigh from about 400 lbs up to a massive 675 lbs., whereas females usually weigh around 260 lbs. 

The Tiger is a very prominent animal in South Korea. The “Land of the Exceptional People Who Know How to Tame the Tiger” was, in fact, what people once called Korea. The South Korean people cherish the Siberian tiger from its connotation in Korean mythology and culture. The tiger connects to the Mountain God, believed to be a protector of Dharma. Additionally, tigers symbolize superiority and protection from evil. Most commonly, tigers are depicted with a stern expression or amused grin in art instead of showing off its fearsome roar. This draws on the Confucian values upheld in South Korea. Furthermore, this represents the joyful spirit of the Korean people.

The 2020 South Korean Silver Tiger Medal

The Siberian Tiger is an essential symbol of South Korea culture, and the South Korean Tiger Medal program began in 2016. This new 2020 South Korea 1 oz Silver Tiger Medal BU, however, is a more modern illustration. This silver medal features a tiger cub, and it has a new story of “traveling” through South Korea among the most famous and important landmarks through the seasons. This first Silver Tiger Medal in the story features a tiger as a baby in Seoul during the springtime. Subsequent releases will feature consecutive seasons, new landmarks, and the tiger will also age to show the progression of time. Basically, the next release in the program will feature summertime, an older tiger, and a different landmark. Additionally, the Silver Tiger Medal comes with a security feature on the reverse to strengthen the security of your investment.

2020 South Korea 1 oz Silver Tiger Medal BU Bullion Exchanges

Product Features:

  • Limited mintage of 33,000
  • Made with .999 fine silver and weighs 1 troy ounce
  • Brilliant Uncirculated condition
  • Produced by the KOMSCO Mint
  • Security feature on the reverse.
  • Individual medals come in plastic flips. Multiples of 25 come in tubes. Lots of 500 arrive in monster boxes with 10 tubes inside. 
  • Obverse: Showcases a tiger cub lounging over the main gate of the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. To its right is the Namsan Seoul Tower with a pawprint beside it. The azaleas and forsythias bloom beneath the cub in the early spring. Inscriptions: “KOREAN TIGER”, “2020”, “SEOUL”, “1 oz”.
  • Reverse: Features a tiger-skin pattern border around the Korean Peninsula, the main habitat of the Korean tiger. The peninsula is made up of Korean letters, Hangul, to spell out the name of the country. The KOMSCO hallmark of a yin-and-yang sun and letter “K” is on the left. Purity inscription is on the right, and it was struck with letter-changing latent technology. Inscriptions: “REPUBLIC OF KOREA”, “FINE SILVER”, and “999”.


The acronym KOMSCO Mint stands for “The Korea Minting, Security Printing, and ID Card Operation” Corporation. This mint began from a 1951 law as an investment from the National Treasury of South Korea, and it is the sole producer of South Korean currency. Because it holds innovation in security technology in high regard, KOMSCO is best known for its secure bullion products. But, KOMSCO also strikes coins, stamps, certificates, national bonds, safety bonds, and much more for the South Korean government. Its HQ is in Daejeon in the Hoseo region. More fantastic products from KOMSCO include the 2018 1 oz South Korea Silver ZI:SIN Canis Medal and 2018 1 oz South Korea Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang Medal

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