The New Release of the 2019 Valiant Royal Mint had reinvented this timeless tale of the Valiant in this marvelous 1oz silver coin.

According to an ancient myth, Saint George slaughtered an evil dragon and rescued a Swedish princess before she was killed. Inspired by the myth, a high profile British sculptor, Etienne Milner was commissioned to design the classic Saint George and the Dragon. Collaborated with the chief engraver, Jody Clark, the final design of the Valiant coin was outstanding! Likewise, the Valiant coin minted by the Royal Mint of United Kingdom struck in .9999 fine silver. Furthermore, Milner’s fresh interpretation of incuse and frosted elements was an essential addition to the centuries of this legendary story. Indeed, the Valiant Mint represented the legend of Saint George and the Dragon in the symbol of duty, bravery, and courage.

Remarkable Fresh Design

Uniquely, the Valiant coin features the incuse obverse design highlighting the classic portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Also, the inscriptions “ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D.” are accompanied by the 2 pounds face value backed by the British government.

Valiant Queen Elizabeth

Whereas, the reverse indicates a new interpretation of the classic legend of Saint George and the Dragon. In the light of this 2019 Valiant release, a milled edge is introduced and coupled with the inscriptions, “1oz FINE SILVER 999.9” and “2019”. Moreover, the band around the design is simple, with no background pattern. Indeed, this gathered attention upon the active scene, as it appears to emerge from the center inset.

valiant St George and the Dragon

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