The Koala History

In 2007, Perth Mint kicked off a series that would become a landmark coin series around the world. Without question, this became one of their most popular products. The silver Koala series celebrates what could be called Australia’s most popular animal, after the iconic kangaroo.

2019 1 oz Silver Australian Koala Perth Mint .9999 Fine BU In Cap

The koala is one of the most beloved animals in the world. In fact, if you search “koala” on the internet, the top result that comes up is “where to snuggle a koala”. Known for their fluffy round ears and gray and white coloring, although koalas look like a bear, they’re actually a marsupial and a sleepy one at that. The average koala sleeps up to twenty hours a day. Australia has two types of koalas. Those found in the south are larger, with thicker fur and a darker coloring. Those who live up north are much smaller and hold more strictly to that gray coloring that is so well-known.

The Design

In the Perth Mint’s series, they successfully capture the lovable nature and adorable features of this incredible animal. The reverse of the 2019 silver Koala release features a koala atop a eucalyptus tree set against a background of gum leaves. The obverse carries one of the most popular effigies seen on any coin, Jody Clark’s Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by the year, denomination, weight, and fineness of the coin.

2019 1 Kilo Silver Australian Koala Perth Mint .999 Fine BU In Cap

Without a doubt, this series has remained one of the most popular and well-crafted for the past twelve years, and there’s no reason to expect it will slow down now! Order your own 2019 Silver Koala coin today and enjoy this year’s beautiful image.


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