The Silver Hershey Kiss Coin is PERFECT for your Sweet Tooth 

Does your coin collection really reflect your sweet personality? Don’t worry, Bullion Exchanges can help! The 2019 39 gram Fiji Hershey Kiss – 125 Years of Hershey Silver Coin .999 Fine (w/Box & COA) is now available for purchase. An iconic American treat, this silver Hershey Kiss coin honors the 125th anniversary for the Hershey Company. Made with .999 pure silver and weighing 39 grams, this silver coin is the perfect way to sweeten up any collection. Keep in mind, however, only 12,500 Hershey Kiss coins were made. So, order yours today with Bullion Exchanges. 

2019 39 gram Fiji Hershey Kiss - 125 Years of Hershey Silver Coin .999 Fine (w/Box & COA) Bullion Exchanges

The Hershey Company Legacy

Milton S. Hershey is the founder of the Hershey Company. Ever since he was a young child, he always wanted to make candy. Despite starting and failing with three businesses, he found inspiration through German technology for chocolate making. Inspired by these European chocolates, Hershey sold his Lancaster Caramel Company about 125 years ago to a competitor. Then, he began what would become the internationally famous Hershey Company.

Although the Swiss heavily guarded their chocolate recipes, Hershey was able to perfect his own Hershey’s chocolate after several years. His very first chocolate was the original Hershey Chocolate bar, and later, the Hershey Kiss. Because of Hershey’s steadily increasing fame, the town of Pennsylvania that was home to his factory eventually renamed itself from Derry to Hershey. Today, the Hershey company produces not only chocolate bars and kisses but also Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit-Kat Bars, Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers, Ice Breakers, and more, including SkinnyPop Popcorn. 

Hershey also has a theme park originally created for the employees of Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. Today you can visit the park that is both an amusement park and an interactive museum. Every season there is a special theme, so plan your visit accordingly!

The Hershey Kiss

Although the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar was the very first chocolate created by the company, the Hershey Kiss is a product unique to Hershey for its drop-like design. First manufactured in 1907, this chocolate candy is one of the most famous of all. It also remains the sole focus of a famous TV commercial that airs annually during the holidays. The little tag that blooms from the foil wrapping is called the “plume”, which is a part of the box for these special edition silver Hershey Kiss coins. It originally said “Hershey” on the plume, then later just said “Kiss” after former competitors stopped producing Hershey Kiss-like chocolates.

No one knows exactly why the name of the chocolate is “Kiss”. There are two possible explanations identified by the company. The first one is that the machine that produced the chocolates made a “kissing” noise when pouring the chocolate. The other suggestion is that “Kiss” was a proper confectionary term for small chocolates at that time. Hershey simply trademarked the name when the product became extremely popular.

Production for these candies began in 1907 and did not cease until 1942 when WWII rations required aluminum. Instead, Hershey produced chocolate D-Rations for the US Military during this time. Then, in 1947, the chocolate Hershey Kiss was back in business. With multiple designs and flavors, even brand new ones in 2020, there is a Hershey Kiss perfect for everyone. From Cookies n’ Cream to Mint Truffles and Caramel-filled chocolate Kisses, the versatility of these delicious chocolates is endless!

Delightfully Delicious, One-of-a-Kind Kisses!

As tempting as the Hershey Kiss coin is, it is not edible at all, so don’t try eating one of these coins. 

But! Each Hershey Kiss coin comes in a wonderful box that has the classic tag found on the packaging for the chocolate candy. The Hershey Kiss coin is legal tender for the country of Fiji, and it carries a face value of $1 Fijian dollar. This Hershey Kiss coin is pure silver, pure happiness. “Unwrap” your Hershey Kiss coin today! 

2019 39 gram Fiji Hershey Kiss - 125 Years of Hershey Silver Coin .999 Fine (w/Box & COA) Bullion Exchanges

Product Features:

  • Limited mintage of 12,500
  • Shaped like a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss candy
  • Made with .999 pure silver and weighs 39 grams
  • Antique finish
  • Face value of $1 backed by the government of Fiji
  • Arrives with mint-issued box and COA
  • Obverse: Showcases the Fiji National emblem along with the denomination and year of mintage. The weight and purity are etched on the obverse as well.
  • Reverse: Shaped like an unwrapped Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss candy.

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