The British Royal Mint of England has released the second in series 2019 silver valiant bullion. The Royal Mint made from 999.9 fine silver with a weight of 10 oz. A silver valiant bullion series celebration of St. George continues in 2019. The silver valiant highlighting the famous legend in Great Britain of St. George battling the dragon. The most iconic imagery signifies the miracle of St. George slaying the dragon to prevent the sacrifice of the King’s daughter and rescuing the community. Witnessing the heroic event, the king and the city as a whole converted to Christianity and St. George carried on the honor as a beloved hero. St. George’s bravery and courage obtained him the title patron Saint of Britain and the legend endured for generations.

2019 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Valiant Coin

Coin Details

The obverse design by Etienne Milner depicts the iconic symbolism of St. George, the patron saint of England battling the dragon. The coin encircled by the year of mintage and the fine of the bullion. The technique of incuse design used for the first time in the Royal Mints. An incuse design coin has its designs pressed beneath the surface of the coin to protect the bullion from wear and tear.

On the reverse of this stunning silver valiant is a textured background starring Queen Elizabeth ll. The fifth-generation portrait by Jody Clark reveals the right profile of Queen Elizabeth ll, captured at age eighty-nine. The coin presents the face value of 10 GBP and “Elizabeth ll D.G. REG. FD”. There is a plain border outside of the portrait surrounding the sides of the obverse. Queen Elizabeth ll is wearing the classic Royal Diadem diamond crown and pieces of jewelry.

The Royal Mint

Being released from The Royal Mint, this coin entirely established by the British government is the newest release to honor the greatest of Britain’s history. The 2019 British Mint is 99.99% pure silver brilliant uncirculated and ten troy oz. The reeded edge on the silver bullion consists of 6mm thickness and a diameter of 89 n. This new coin successfully indicates the rich historical context of Great Britain. Order your 10 oz Silver Valiant Coin today!


2019 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Valiant Coin In Cap .9999 Fine BU

The Royal Mint | Gold

The Royal Mint | Silver

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