The New Release of the Queen’s Beasts Series

The Queen’s Beasts series is one of the Royal Mint’s newest series but took no time at all to become one of the most popular. The series kicked off in winter of 2016 as a celebration of the world’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. In 1953, this record-breaking queen was crowned in Westminster Abbey. As her procession entered the Abbey, she was flanked by ten, six-foot tall plaster sculptures, each a unique nod to her royal ancestry and England’s monarchy.

The Fierce Falcon of the Plantagenets

The Queen’s Beasts series coins have enjoyed enormous popularity and demand since their inception. Their detailed designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and fineness have assured them a place amongst the most beloved series in global coinage.

This specific release, the fifth in the series, commemorates the Plantagenet lineage of the monarchy. Edward IV was the first Yorkist King of England and overcame the violence of the Wars of the Roses to rule successfully, though for a short period. To honor him, his heritage, and his rule, as well as his ties to Elizabeth II, this coin features the fearsome falcon.

The Design

Falcon Coin

On the obverse of this coin you can enjoy the image of the falcon midair, wings spread wide. In his talons, he holds a shield with another falcon within a padlock. Circling the edges are “FALCON OF PLANTAGENETS” and the year of mintage. The reverse holds the proud effigy of Queen Elizabeth II herself, encircled by the face value of the coin and “ELIZABETH II D.G. REG. F.D.”

Falcon Coin.

What’s interesting about the image used on the shield is its subtle symbolism. When the falcon was first used as a herald for Edward III and his sons, the lock was always closed. It’s been speculated that this was a way for them to show their loyalty- the lock was closed, and so was any claim that they may have had to the throne. In this way, they could remind the king of their loyalty to the crown. However, in this image, and in the one used by Edward IV, the lock is open. Edward IV broke the lock when he took the throne. His daughter would marry King Henry VII, uniting the kingdom and setting the foundations for peace. When their granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth I, took the throne, the falcon was said to be one of her favorite badges.

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