Month: September 2018

2019 Silver Kookaburra | Perth Mint

The Kookaburra History The Perth Mint has fans around the world for many reasons. They offer high-quality craftsmanship, a solid reputation, and several excellent series. As a result, the silver Kookaburra series has earned them so many fans. This series harks all the way back to 1990, earning it the title […]

Gold Price | Brexit & British Pound

Brexit Crushes British Pound… Gold is a worldwide reserve asset. We must increasingly expand our focus from not only what is happening here in the United States, but also toward the international dynamics which are at play across the globe. Although futures contract settlements and profits reported by mining companies […]

Low Premium Gold

Whether you’re new to investing in gold or a seasoned pro, it’s good to keep up with the best way to save on your gold purchases. The world of gold buying can be full of facts and figures and contradictory advice. You’ll find tons of personal anecdotes and different recommendations […]

Britannia Silver Bars

The Newest Releases from the Royal Mint The Royal Mint continues to produce coins, bars, and other goods that celebrate the history of the United Kingdom. Available now, these two bars are no exception to that. The Britannia silver bar will be the first 10 ounce and 100-ounce silver bullion […]

US Bonds & Precious Metals

The silent 800-pound gorilla in the room that no one is talking about is inching ever closer to what will likely be the most significant technical breakdown of our lifetimes. And that market is: the US 30-year bond. As precious metals investors, it is important to monitor the bond market. […]