This 2018-S 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle is the newest issue in the Proof Silver American Eagle series. In November 1986, the world-famous U.S. Mint issued the iconic American Silver Eagle in both proof and bullion editions. The coin carried the same timeless design: the graceful Walking Liberty and the magnificent heraldic eagle. Proof coins are minted by using special dies and by striking blanks multiple times. This process gives the coin a unique, sharp, and brilliant finish. Numismatists and investors all over the world highly praise a proof finish. The “S” mark on the reverse of the coin indicates that it was struck at the San Francisco Mint.

The Iconic Design

The 2018 1 oz Proof American Silver Eagle depicts one of the most graceful and famous American images – the Walking Liberty, created by Adolph A. Weinman for the half dollar coins minted between 1916 and 1947. This beautiful artwork presents the finest traditions of the Nation: freedom, equality, and patriotism. On the Obverse, Lady Liberty appears with her figure enveloped in the folds of the United States flag. She is reaching out to the sun, holding an oak laurel in her left hand.  The reverse of this fantastic coin bears the beautiful image of a bald eagle, designed by Miley Busiek. The heraldic eagle is shown behind a shield, holding an olive branch and arrows in its right and left talons respectively. On top of the eagle are 13 stars that reference the 13 colonies.

2018-S 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle

Being the official silver bullion coin of the United States, Silver American Eagles will always be a great way to invest in silver. Given the “S” mark and the proof finish this coin will instantly become a hit amongst numismatists and investors. Since this eagle comes with a proof finish, the mintage number will be smaller than regular silver eagles out right now. Be sure to order the new 2018 San Francisco Proof Silver Eagle while supplies last!


HOW TO ORDER YOUR 2018-S Proof Silver American Eagle?

Due to the popularity of this item, we recommend two things to guarantee yours is locked in. The first step would be to order the item. Following this, the second step is to just wait for Bullion Exchanges to receive the coin! Once Bullion Exchanges receives the coins from the United States Mint, we will ship them out on a first come first serve basis! If the item is not out yet or out of stock, be sure to click “Notify Me” to receive an email as soon as we obtain the item! 

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