Month: July 2018

2018 Gold Mexican Libertad Coins

The time is finally here for the release of the beloved 2018 Gold Mexican Libertad coins in BU condition. The Banco de Mexico’s Gold Libertad coin has been celebrated as one of the most beautifully designed gold coins since 1981. Known for their low mintage numbers and diversity in size, […]

Silver Below $13 Buying Opportunity?

Silver has just broken lower through its primary 18-month consolidation pattern. The result of the breakdown will be a lower target in time. It is important to examine the breakdown, what its ramifications are, and what the lower silver price targets may be over the intermediate future. What would a […]

Gold Breaks Rising Support

On the heels of continued commodity weakness following the US – Chinese trade wars, gold has suffered a medium-term trend break over the past week. (See last week’s article).  This must alter our outlook for precious metals over the intermediate future. The final print for gold on the New York COMEX […]