Month: June 2018

Black Ruthenium Coins

Back In Black! Take note, the latest Black Ruthenium Coins are here! Seems like, the newest trend in the bullion world features popular bullion coins from around the world in a different light. Now, popular silver coins and medals are available in Black Ruthenium with Gold Plating. Additionally, there are now so […]

The Elemetal Affair: US Company Gold Scheme

Miami Judge orders US company at the center of Gold Scheme to pay $15 million fine Under a recent ruling, the precious metals company, Elemetal LLC, must pay a criminal penalty of $15 million to the U.S. government. Additionally, they are known as “Elemetal” and “NTR.” The company will be on probation […]

Gold Holds Primary Rising Trend

Gold remains defined by its 2016 – 2018 horizontal resistance zone between $1,355 – $1,378. (below, black). And, its primary 2015 – 2018 rising support. Which now comes in at $1,240 (blue). This puts gold in a rising technical pattern whereby buyers are emerging at higher and higher intervals over […]