Month: May 2018

Gold to Silver Ratio & Silver

There is a battle playing out in the gold to silver ratio.  It continues to deserve our attention. As for resolutions lower in the ratio over the past two decades they signify the commencements of significant advances for both metals and the mining sector. The battle has given us false […]

Voyageurs ATB Silver Coin by the US Mint

For many folks, the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. There are the accomplishments and events in its storied history. Additionally, it is blessed to have a wonderfully diverse landscape. A landscape that inspires people every day to write songs, books, and capture the beauty […]

Federal Reserve and Gold

This Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting came and went without significant impact. Indeed, interest rates held steady, as expected. The language out of Fed chair Jerome Powell’s accompanying statement was mostly unchanged from the prior March meeting. Read about the federal reserve and gold. One interesting snippet from the session was […]

Double Dragon Silver Coin (New Zealand Mint)

Let us Introduce the Double Dragon Silver Coin. Throughout China’s long and colorful history, Dragons are mythological symbols of raw power, mighty strength, and good fortune. The Dragon In imperial China, the image of the dragon displays the power and strength of the empire. Moreover, it continues to be one of […]