As an internationally recognized private refining company, the Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) has a special distinction in the modern bullion world for producing bars and rounds of exceptional design and quality. Republic Metals is an American-based company from Miami, Florida. Since their founding in 1980, RMC has grown into a full-service refinery that refines mined ore, impure bars, and ingots, as well as scrap, dust, and other byproducts. RMC regularly produces silver buffalo rounds that use the same design as the original Buffalo Nickel that featured the images of a Native American Indian Head and the Black Diamond Buffalo as designed by James Earle Fraser. In their latest release, RMC is producing a one-ounce silver bar that features these same elements.

About the RMC Design

The original design of the American Buffalo silver rounds and bars hearkens all the way back to the Buffalo Nickel that was designed by James Earle Fraser. These silver coins were minted between 1913 and 1938. The design of the Buffalo Nickel reverberates to this day with the annual release of the Gold American Buffalo coins by the U.S. Mint. This similar design appears on the American Buffalo silver rounds as well as on the new American Buffalo silver bar.

American Buffalo Silver Bar RMC

Easy Way to Invest in Silver

RMC produces rounds, which are not the same as coins. Although this is a common misconception, gold and silver rounds are different from gold and silver coins because they are not considered currency and are not produced by a sovereign government. Silver rounds provide an excellent investment opportunity for folks who want to buy fine silver at a lower premium than coins. Silver bars add even higher value to buyers because they can be easily stored and traded.

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