Month: February 2018

Gold Pattern Reveals Higher Targets

Gold is forming an increasingly bullish pattern. This suggests that a break above 2016 highs is approaching over the next year, if not imminently. In technical analysis, the primary pattern we are referring to is called an ascending triangle formation. Please remember that in these technical studies we are simply […]

Queen’s Beasts – Black Bull of Clarence

The Newest Queen’s Beast Release: Black Bull of Clarence Two years ago the numismatic world received the gift of an incredible new series. The first release was the Lion of England. The next release later that year was the Griffin of Edward III. These coins immediately garnered high demand and worldwide popularity. […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Coins

Breast Cancer Awareness: Beautiful Coins With A Purpose Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coins. With every purchase of this $5 legal tender coin, the US Mint donates $35 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation is out of New York City. Meanwhile, It’s a commemoration of loved ones lost to this […]

Precious Metals In Review

Your Week in Review: Precious Metals: February 19 – February 23 While last week saw steady growth for precious metals, this week wrapped with a decrease across the board, excluding the value of palladium. Gold started the week strong at $1352.10 but experienced a sharp fall on Wednesday down to […]