Month: January 2018

Daily Market Review – Jan 22, 2018

Stock Market Today The Market Review. U.S. stocks on Monday are opening higher with the S&P 500 2811.31 (+0.05%) and NASDAQ Index 7,346.58 (+0.14%), Dow Jones Industrial Average 26,037.13 (-0.14%). Wall Street Indexes are opening higher on Friday but investors are still concerned that the shutdown of the U.S. Government does […]

Daily Market Review (GOLD)

The Gold Price increased to $1,335.80 (+0.52%) per ounce, the Silver Price: $17.10 (+0.41%), Platinum Price: $1017.90 (+1.29%), Palladium Price: $1111.40 (+0.36%). United States (U.S.) Dollar vs Precious Metals U.S. Dollar Index is trading higher today as the demand for the greenback is rising due to the optimism that the […]

Bitcoin Crashes, Rallies

The end of 2017 was made up of an incredible rise for bitcoin. Not a week went by without another record smash. Or, another news report of new investors jumping aboard the bitcoin investing train. As it flirted with the $20,000 mark, speculators were prophesying three-digit, and even six-digit highs before […]

Daily Market Review – Jan 18, 2018

Gold Price decreased to $1,331.60 (-0.20%) per ounce, Silver Price $17.14 (-0.10%), Platinum Price $1,009.90 (-0.20%), Palladium Price 1107.75 (-0.12%), Dow Jones index 26,067.36 (0.18% decrease). U.S. Dollar vs Precious metals US Dollar Index is trading lower today against the bucket of major currencies. Gold price decreased on Thursday, after […]