This 2018 1 oz Proof Palladium American Eagle is the newest and first issue in the Proof Palladium Eagle series! In 2010 Congress authorized the legislation to produce Palladium American Eagles and they were first issued in 2017. The proof palladium eagles carry a beautiful timeless design. They portray the effigy of Lady Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap and the magnificent heraldic eagle. By using special dies and striking blanks multiple times, it creates proof coins. This then gives the coin a unique, sharp, and brilliant finish. Due to this, numismatists and investors all around the world highly praise all coins that come with a proof finish. Similarly to other proof coins, this coin is struck at the West Point Mint given the “W” mark on the obverse of the coin.

The Design

2018 Proof Palladium American Eagle

The 2018 1 oz Proof Palladium American Eagle depicts Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap. It represents the American values of Freedom, Equality, and Patriotism. This iconic portrait was first used on the Mercury dime. Adolph A. Weinman adapts the portrait of the Roman God Mercury from the classic design on the Mercury dime in 1916. Lady Liberty is encircled by the engravings “2018”, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, and “LIBERTY”. The reverse of this coin bears the beautiful image of a bald eagle, also designed by Adolph A. Weinman. The heraldic eagle perches itself on top of a rock, pulling a laurel branch with its beak and holding the leaves in its right talon. The engravings “UNITED STATES of AMERICA”, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, “1 OZ.”, “Pd .9995 FINE”, and “$25” encircle the reverse of the coin.

2018-W 1 oz Proof Palladium American Eagle PCGS PF 70 FS

Above all, this Proof Palladium American Eagle is a perfect opportunity to invest in palladium. Most noteworthy, since it is the first ever proof palladium bullion coin of the United States. Due to, the “W” mark and the proof finish, this coin will be an instant hit among numismatists and investors. Since this eagle comes with a proof finish the quality of these eagles will be higher than the BU version. Be sure to order the new 2018 Proof Palladium Eagle while supplies last!

2018 Proof Palladium American Eagle NGC

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