The time is finally here for the release of the beloved 2018 Gold Mexican Libertad coins in BU condition. The Banco de Mexico’s Gold Libertad coin has been celebrated as one of the most beautifully designed gold coins since 1981. Known for their low mintage numbers and diversity in size, these 2018 gold Libertads are sure to fly off the shelves.


2018 Gold Libertads will be released in various sizes; 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz., 1/10 oz., and 1/20 oz. The different sizes make these coins popular for both investors and collectors alike.  This is due to the affordability of the differentiated gold content. The low mintage also adds a huge value to these coins since they become so scarce after the release. Although we are uncertain about the exact 2018 mintage, we can assume it will be similar to 2017. In 2017 only 900 one ounce gold libertads were produced by the Mexican Mint. We can assume the continued low mintage for two reasons. The first being that the mint sold out the first day and the second being that our allotment has been significantly reduced.



How to order your Mexican 2018 Gold Libertads?

Due to the popularity and low mintage of this item, we recommend two things to guarantee yours is locked in. The first step would be to pre-order the item. Following this, the second step is to just wait for Bullion Exchanges to receive the coin! Once Bullion Exchanges receives the coins from the Mexican mint, we will look at all the pre-orders and ship them out on a first come first serve basis! It is important to note that not all pre-orders may be filled due to unseen errors by the Mexican mint. Such errors may include the mint not sending as many coins as promised, the mint delaying the production of coins, or the mint changing up the number of coins they originally planned to manufacture.

Bullion Exchanges proudly carries all of the releases from the Mexican Mint along with many past issues in the Libertad Coin series. At Bullion Exchanges, you get free shipping on all orders over $75. With such a wide selection and low prices across the board, make Bullion Exchanges your trusted precious metals dealer. 

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