Month: September 2017

Daily Market Review

Market Review: Gold Price increased to $1,289.00 (+0.07%) per ounce, Silver Price $16.87 (-0.35%), Platinum Price $922.80 (-0.56%), Palladium Price $937.50 (+0.40%), Dow Jones index 22,381.20 (0.18% increase). U.S. Dollar vs Precious metals The US Dollar is trading higher on Friday and gaining more than 1.2 % against a basket […]

Palladium Price

Palladium Price

In a surprising turn of events, over the past two days, the palladium price has increased. Additionally, it has surpassed its more famous brother metal, platinum. 2017 has seen a steady surge in palladium price, and this month has pushed it higher than the cost of platinum for the first time since […]

How to sell Diamond Jewelry

When you need to know how to sell diamond jewelry-it is important to arm yourself with the necessary information. Especially, before heading to your local jeweler or dealer. Doing the correct research can give you the confidence that you need to get a better price for your valuables. Here are […]